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The Canyon Section Whitewater Rafting in Idaho

The Best Whitewater
Rafting in Idaho?
Well It Doesn't Get
Better Than This!

“Wow! What a ride!” That’s the rafters cry when they get off the Canyon section of the South Fork Payette. It’s a kick in the pants that only whitewater rafting in Idaho can give you!

The Canyon boasts some of the best whitewater rafting in Idaho. This reservoir fed section has twenty-five class 3 and 4 rapids, you can’t beat that! The day starts out with some class 3 warm up rapids before a stop at Pine Flats hotsprings. After that, you will be delighted with a whitewater worthy lunch. But don’t get too relaxed, the portage around Big Falls waterfall is next. You will be asked to help carry the boat and equipment around part of the waterfall. The rocks can be slippery so we’ll take our time. After navigating around the power of Big Falls, it’s time for some class 4! The second part of this day packs a punch with rapid after rapid of adrenaline pumping fun. In conclusion, you won’t be disappointed!

The put-in for this rafting trip is 10 minutes drive from our headquarters. In other words, our shuttle time’s short and sweet! Moreover the frosty beverages on the way back make for an enjoyable ride.

The remoteness of this trip makes rescue due to injury difficult. We need to take extra precautions, this trip isn’t for everyone. Firstly, you need to be able to walk on uneven, slippery ground and be somewhat physically fit. The portage and ramp at the takeout can be challenging! Above all, safety is our number one concern. The PRC guides and the owner Sean, will be with you to help you through the portage and up the ramp. So let’s go have some fun!

This section is a great option for the second day of a multi-day rafting trip. Our camp sits above the put-in for the Canyon. Therefore you will float directly onto this section from our camp.

Meeting location

Whitewater river with rocks

$129 /person


We took the white water trip through the canyon and it was phenomenal! The trip was so exciting with nonstop action. I felt they took safety very seriously which I really appreciated. Our guide was top notch; funny and outgoing and really took care of us. This is a family run outfit and when I made the reservation months ago, the owner Ginger, was so great at getting back to me during their off season. I can’t say enough about them! We will definitely go again!

-Lara Mott


I have been going rafting for a few years now and the Canyon run they do is absolutely amazing. The staff and crew was extremely professional and a ton of fun. I highly recommend going!

– Jacob Gappmayer